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虹橋 2019上海航空食品展
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The 8th China International Aviation, Cruise, Railway Food and Beverage Exhibition 2019
Time:May 29 - 31, 2019
Venue:NECC - Hongqiao•Shanghai 333 China Shanghai qingpu, songze avenue Shanghai P.R. China
主辦單位丨Hosted by
中國出入境檢驗檢疫協會丨China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
中國國際旅行衛生保健協會丨International Travel Health Association
中國航空運輸協會航空食品分會丨China Air Catering Committee of CATA
承辦單位丨Organized by
上海高登商業展覽有限公司丨Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
協辦單位丨Co-organized by
各航空、機場、郵輪、列車服務公司丨Airline, Airport, Cruise, Railway Catering Companies
各地餐飲及旅游行業協會丨Local Catering & Tourism Industry Associations
各地檢驗檢疫協會丨Inspection and Quarantine Association from all Provinces and cities
 關于 CTCE CHINA 2019
      中國國際航空、郵輪及列車食品飲料展(簡稱:CTCE CHINA)作為亞洲地區旅游餐飲領域唯一專業盛會已在上海順利舉辦過七屆并獲得巨大成功,展會共吸引來自全球四十多個國家和地區數千家旅游餐飲(含航空、郵輪、列車、部隊、學校、工廠、酒店餐飲等配餐用食材)食品飲料領域優秀供應商前來參展,累計展出面積超過六萬平米,展會期間聚集了國內外近千家主要旅游配餐企業以及數萬名全球旅游餐飲食品飲料領域的專業買家參會。其中,中國國際航空公司、東方航空公司、南方航空公司、海南航空公司、廈門航空公司、深圳航空公司、佳美航空、春秋航空、吉祥航空、渤海郵輪及京鐵列服等多家旅游配餐企業主要采購管理部門分別在現場設立采購中心,進行旅游餐飲食品飲料供應商的樣品采集與信息的收集。
      As the Asian unique professional exhibition in tourism catering field, CTCE CHINA had been
successfully held several times in Shanghai since 2012, which attracted thousands of excellent
suppliers in tourism catering field(aviation, cruise, railways, crews, schools, factories, hotels, etc.)
from more than 40 countries and regions all over the world. There are nearly a thousand major
tourism catering companies and ten thousands of top professional buyers from global food and
beverage fields attended to the exhibition, with total exhibition areas of over 70,000 square meters.
Many tourism catering purchasing management departments have established the purchasing
centers during the show to collect samples and information from food and beverage suppliers, such
as Air China International Corp., China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines,
Shenzhen Airlines, Camry Air, Spring Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Bohai Ferry, Beijing Railway Service
Administration and other aviation, cruise or railway companies. During the show, we have held many
conferences, forums and aviation food & supplies buyers meeting, offering a great platform for the
professionals from tourism catering field to discuss the hot topic on tourism food and catering,
catering kitchen management and promotion, tourism catering safety and nutrition, tourism and
catering industry chain security and so on. This show has become the most professional trade fair in
China tourism catering industry and plays a very important role in the international tourism catering
and supplies professional fairs. According to the data on past years, the scale and the number of
visitors of CTCE CHINA 2019 will be greatly improved next year, and the number of exhibitors will be
increased by 80%, the number of visitors will be increased by 220% as estimated.
New Opportunity
      with an aim to promote a better exploitation and development in tourism catering market, as well as
to built win-win cooperation among catering enterprises, supplying enterprises and food-pairing
enterprises, Golden Commercial with related authorities will hold CTCE CHINA 2019 in National
Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on May 29-31, 2019. This fair will attract thousands of
major tourism catering enterprises(aviation, cruise, railways, crews, schools, factories, hotels, etc.),
supplying enterprises and professional global buyers from tourism catering field attended to enhance
a further understanding and built win-win cooperation through face to face exchange and
communication during the fair.
Major Exhibits
      All kinds of tourism catering(including catering food and ingredients in aviation, cruise, railways,
crews, schools, factories, hotels, etc.)food & beverage, nuts, semi-finished foods, ground food and
raw food materials, catering and ingredients produced by enterprises, food containing and packaging
appliance, food process machinery, catering kitchen equipment, rapid detection instrument, in-flight
supplies, cleaning appliance, aviation commercial entrainment system and service products, etc.
B:國外企業: 4800.00/展期(USD) 3m×3m
國外企業: 480.00(USD)/平方米/展期
Participation Fees
1 International Standard Booths:
For overseas enterprises: USD 4800/Expo; 3m×3m
Each standard booth consists of 3-sided white partitions, bilingual fascia board, 1 information
counter, 2 folding chairs, fully-floored carpet, 2 arm spotlights, 1 220V/5A power socket and 1
2 Indoor Raw Space:
For overseas enterprises: USD 480.00/Sq.m.
Note: The raw space (minimum 36 sq.m.) only supplies a show space excluding stand frames, show
equipment, carpet and power supply, etc.
1 國內外200多家航空配餐與機場餐飲企業采購人員;
2 國內外各郵輪配餐企業及運營公司采購人員;
3 國內各鐵路局(集團)列車配餐企業采購人員;
4 國內各高級旅游休閑度假村餐飲企業采購人員;
5 航空、郵輪和列車配餐采購企業;
6 各星級酒店、咖啡廳、連鎖餐廳和連鎖酒店餐飲采購人員;
7 各學校、部隊、醫院及大型企業配餐企業采購負責人等;
8 政府機構/行業協會/媒體單位及專業人士等。
1 Domestic and overseas airline/ airport purchasing departments
2 Domestic and overseas cruise and ferry transportation purchasing departments
3 Domestic and overseas railway bureau (group) supplies and catering purchasing departments
4 Domestic and overseas hotel and resort purchasing departments
5 Domestic ports, wharfs, passenger centers and travel agencies procurement staff
6 Stars Hotels, coffee shops, chain restaurants and chain hotels
7 Schools, armies, hospital and service products companies
8 The relevant competent government agencies / transportation / inspection and quarantine / customs /
industry associations / media units, etc.
Buyers Meeting
     Tourism Catering Service ( Aviation, Cruise and Train Food &Supplies)BuyersPresentation acts as thefocal point of the exhibition over the years and has been successfully held five times by GoldenCommercial, getting the insiders’ recognition.The main purpose is to provide the tourism catering service area aface-to-face cooperation and procurement platformfor suppliers and
demanders.During the meeting, the main aviation, cruise and train procurement departments from home and abroad will separately set up purchasing centers on the field.Through one-on-one and face-to -facenegotiation with the exhibitors, the purpose is to carry out tourism catering service providers sample and information collection.( Note: Only exhibitors can participate)
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